Marathon training schedule program with uberFIT runner

Marathon Training with uberFIT Runner | Free Course


Marathon Training with uberFIT Runner

by Dr. Nicholas Romanov


Conceptual Approach to Endurance + Cutting Edge Training App

Ready to set a new PR (personal record) at your next road race?! Then sign-up for Marathon Training with uberFIT Runner. Using the conceptual foundation of the Pose Method, this endurance training series with teach your how to approach long distance running events as well as provide instruction on how to utilize the world class training available in this program's companion app; uberFIT Runner.  

Whether it’s your first time running a 10K or you’re a seasoned marathon runner, this series will help you efficiently prepare for your upcoming race, putting you well on your way to setting a new personal best. 


Who this course is for:
  • Runners
  • Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Athletes
  • Road Race Participants


Start Free Course Here: Marathon Training with uberFIT Runner


Course content:
  • 4 sections 
  • 18 lectures 
  • 34m total length

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