5 Best Free Workout Apps for Your Smartwatch

5 Best Free Workout Apps for Your Smartwatch

Once you buy workout equipment just like the TicWatch smartwatch or the most recent workout apparel, you furthermore may need to find technology that will support you in your quest to induce fit or stay in shape. Thankfully, there are many amazing, free workout apps that you simply can download and use on your smartwatch today.



Strava is an app that’s really expert for runners, swimmers, and cyclists. It makes great use of a smartwatch, like the TicWatch E2 because you'll be able to track the amount of time you spend working out, see a general speed, calories burned so on. Having all of that right ahead of you is incredibly convenient, powerful and it pushes the boundaries as you are attempting to become healthier. That’s why workout apps like Strava are great if you wish to experience various workouts and just be healthier generally.


NIKE Run Club

Because of this tool, you've got one of all the foremost professional free running apps out there. Many great features include personalized running plans, guided audio runs, weekly, monthly, and custom distance challenges are all included in the TicWatch Pro smartwatch with Nike Run Club. This app may connect to your smartwatch and acquire all the required information from there. It’s extremely dependable and convenient, certainly one of the better apps that help you improve your workout routine supported your data. they need plenty of recommendations to support your data, which may be a plus.


7 Minute Workout

There’s no denying that most of us lack time nowadays. So the best thing we can do is to engage in simple, fast workouts every day. That’s what this tool offers you right away! It delivers a very good value and experience, and it will bring in front some rewarding benefits regardless of the situation. That means you can have a tremendous array of benefits from it since you get challenges, you unlock workouts as you progress and you have a ton of different workout routines to check out. The app also connects with your TicWatch S2 smartwatch to ensure the routine will be the best it can be.



Runmore 5K Trainer

Runmore 5K Trainer has complete TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE smartwatch support, it also has a very clear interface and it guides you to figure out at your own pace. Having access to your fitness data to your smartwatch makes things even better since you recognize what sort of workouts you must be focused on to make things better, you'll keep track of your progress, create reminders then on.


Lifesum is less about the workout routine and more about training for an improved life. The app is intended to assist you to get fit, but at the same time it also sends a live score, it's a 3-week weight loss program and a group of macro and net carb counting too. All of this adds up to deliver a good experience -- you may find that you simply feel healthier and full of energy if you use this approach. Then, you'll start using the TicWatch C2 smartwatch with Lifesum to watch your workouts and you'll see a considerable difference.

Overall, there are many great free workout apps you'll be able to use instantly. they provide access to amazing workout routines and stellar instructions to help you stay in shape. What workout apps are you using today? do you have any recommendations?

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