Smart Running Tracker To Prevent Foot Injuries.

Smart Running Tracker To Prevent Foot Injuries.

Smart Running Tracker

The Smart Running Tracker Corrector is equipped with a voice running course recorded by a real coach, which monitors your running status in real-time, helps you control the frequency and pace, and teaches you how to run safely and easily.

Most of the runners have been injured by running, and most of the injuries are due to incorrect running posture. When running, the foot landing posture is not correct, which can easily lead to muscle strain, ankle sprain, and other acute injuries. It may also cause plantar fasciitis, heel tendinitis, lumbar muscle strain, and other chronic injuries.

Most First-Time Runners Think That Running Is Very Simple. After They Actually Start Running, They Know That Running Is Not Just A Step.

Finally, I Found a Great Wearable To Prevent Running Foot Injuries!

The Smart Running Tracker Correct 90% of wrong running posture and can recognize 9 running posture data: Built-in six- sensor can track the wearer's running posture and accurately identify 9 running posture data:

  • Forefoot landing
  • Full foot landing
  • Rear heel landing
  • Foot outside Turning
  • Step frequency ratio
  • Bottoming ratio
  • Ground impact
  • Grounding time
  • Vacating time


Smart Running Tracker Correct wrong running posture prevent running injuries


If an improper running posture is detected during running, the AI coach can give voice guidance in real-time, correct the adjustment posture, and avoid sports injuries caused by wrong actions.


Running Distance Tracker:

11 sports data records, let you run more professionally. innovative upgrade running chips, using six-sensor, all-round collection of running data: 

distancespeedcalorie consumptionfrequencygrounding timestep State ratiomotion striderunning timeimpact forcepower, etc. are clear at a glance.


Sports Injuries Prevention:

Provide details of various data running posture analysis in real-time, provide graphic interpretation and correction methods for motion data, and how to adjust at a glance. Avoid continuous sports injuries caused by incorrect running posture.

Based on the big data algorithm, you can comprehensively score and give suggestions for improvement according to the indicators of each exercise, and be your running consultant.


Best app for a running tracker: 

Comes with 100+ running fitness courses in the Codoon APP, the professional AI coach will demonstrate it personally, provide scientific guidance for the running and fitness people, and let the training no longer be blindly invalid.


Lightweight and waterproof, practical to use. 


Smart Running Tracker Correct wrong running posture prevent running injuries

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